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Who are we?

Founded in 2015, we have consistently been dedicated to
creating a top of the line experience from
initial email all the way to finished delivery.

Our clients happiness is always #1.

With over 200 commercial clients and 250 weddings filmed,
we are confident that we have the experience and
expertise to capture any video project.

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We've spent the last decade raising the
bar higher and higher.

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Sam Kiste - Owner/Videographer

Dad. Determined. Dreamer.

Creating content is his passion.

Sam has been creating video content since he was 7 years old and he has always known it's what he wants to do with his life. A Dad of 4, people are his true passion and he'll do anything to make others happy.

In 2009, he began the journey into professional video production and ever since, he's been loving every second of it.

From commercial production to weddings, he's got you covered.

Sam Kiste - Owner/Videographer

Troy Meekhof - Videographer/Editor

Serial. Road. Tripper.

A part of the SJK team since 2019, Troy has always been determined to do what's best for the client.

With over 50 weddings filmed, his passion overflows into every project he puts his hands on. Capable of producing any video project at it's highest quality, Troy is here to make your visions become a reality.

20211015 Archival Brewery Troy-1.jpg

Creative. Colorful. Calm.

Emily Cameron - Videographer

A member of SJK Productions since early 2018, Emily has been working in video production for years, graduating from Grand Valley State University in 2015 with a degree in Film/Video.

Some of her biggest accomplishments in the industry involve working on multiple films, music videos and TV shows and traveling around the world to do so!

Calm cool and collected, Emily is ready for any challenge that comes her way!

We Love Our Clients



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